Stage Play



Director:  James V. Buglewicz 


Producer:  Susan Carol Davis

Producer:  Brenda Ballard


Writer:  Becca Stallard


   A family that recognized their strength flourished in love; because love gave them determination to laugh when there was every reason to mourn.  

Mary Anne & Me

Through the Eyes of Esther

It was, Mary, who many a year ago

that talked about the ‘C’.

And she talked about others, whom you may know,

that lost their loved ones, like me.

And, Mary, she lived with no other thought

then to find a cure for the ‘C’.


I was her mother and she was my child;

we were as happy as could be,

But we shed our tears and shared our fears,

When she told me about her ‘C’.

I then prayed out to the God up in Heaven

to save her from the ‘C’.


But God has his reason for saying no,

witnessed by, Mary, and me.

A storm came down on her life by day,

as she fought against the ‘C’,

and she lost her battle when the good Lord came

and took her away from me.

We placed her inside of a coffin

and we buried her with her ‘C’.


I was not happy with God up in Heaven

and he was not happy with me.

But I had my reasons as all men know

for raging against God and ‘C’,

— For He took the ones who were not willing;

He took them away from me.


… But God’s love is stronger by far, than those

who cannot comprehend,

than those who do not understand.

And none of the angels in my heaven above

nor, Mary, who drowned in the ‘C’,

could ever divide my soul from the God

who made Mary a Part of me.


Now in my dreams, I see, Mary, it seems;

her soul is happy and free.

I’ve opened my eyes to the God who is wise;

— who has loved me in spite of - me.

I know Mary is home, in her spirit I see

her love that was given to me.

—And now she will live, in spite of the ‘C’,

—She will live through the love inside me.

9 out of 10 of Esther's children carried the BRCA1 gene. Six of them died between the ages of 25 - 45.  The survivors lived with the knowledge and fear of having passed the gene to their children.




Mary Anne







Story based on the inspiration of family

members featured in pictures and videos. 

Music & Lyrics:  Wild Wild Wind and Restless Wind

written by Larry Stallard.  

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