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And the Birds are Singing
 The true story of a family's destiny. 

By Rebecca Stallard

 ... Rebecca’s poetry hauntingly captures the devastation of cancer, and will evoke a lump in the throat and an ache in the heart, but most of all it will remind readers that it is always possible to sing.“

~ Mary Martin

And the Birds are Singing 


The compelling true story of a close-knit family bound by love, music and sibling competition but torn apart by an unpreventable destiny. ​ 


Author Rebecca Stallard tells this story of her own family in a poetic narrative through the eyes of her beloved grandmother, Esther Mina Bird.

 What others are saying about the book:

This book is heartwarming, funny, sad, and thought provoking. It is so fascinating to experience the love and warmth of these people in addition to the pain and suffering that a family devastated by genetic cancer experienced. The author did a great job, and the unique approach of a verse novel brought to life situations that a narrative style would struggle with.

~ Brian 

A beautifully written book about a family’s love and struggles through life and their battles and losses to cancer. The book is uniquely written with a sense of hope and encouragement for all.

~ P. Patrick

I recently got a call from a friend about a problem he thought he might have. His doctor suggested a mannogram and he was too embarrassed.  My response to him was "Didn’t you read AND THE BIRDS ARE SINGING?" And he made that appointment.

~ Brenda Conley

Annie Parker Decoded
(2013 - 2014)

Annie Parker Decoded


At age 14, Annie Parker lost her mother to breast cancer.  She married young and had a son who became the joy of her life. However, shortly after Annie began her happy journey of motherhood,  her older sister, Joan, was also diagnosed with breast cancer and the disease took Joan's life.  Annie become obsessed that she too would be diagnosed. And although she was proactive, Annie was also diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29.


Annie leaned heavily on her  husband, only to find out he had been  having an affair with her best friend.

As devastated as she was, Annie fought back with every ounce of strength she had. She relied on friends and co-workers to help her through her treatments. Nine years later, after recovering from a traumatic divorce, and being in remission from breast cancer, Annie was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer.  She survived. In 2006 she had cancer for a third time, and once again, survived.

Her fight and her journey is a story worth reading. 

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